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Fast Forward...

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Three days of sweaty uphill bike pushing, one night in a llama shed, three 15,000 ft passes, four days of very little food, one hail storm turned rain storm, three newborn alpacas, 17 miles of downhill, a short pedal through a very flooded street, a long pedal through slightly less flooded town, 30 cups of coffee, 15 ice cream stops, one bad burger, a laundry day, not enough empanadas, four pieces of chocolate cake, 22 hours on a bus, a quick trip to wine country, and we finally made it to Arequipa.

Limited WiFi and a laser-focus on food when we roll into “real” towns has us slacking a bit on the blog front; don’t worry, we’re working on it between a steady stream of naps, carbs, fats, beer, and culture shock.


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